How to setup IPTV on my Smart-TV using Smart-STB App?

  1. Install the Smart-STB app on your TV;
  2. Go to Smart-STB Website;
  3. Type the code you've received after installing Smart-STB on your TV;
  4. If you use the M3U Plus playlist Mode, you don't need to execute steps 5;
  5. If you choose the Stalker Portal Mode, you need to add your Device's MAC Address first and then type Best IPTV Stalker Portal URL:
Alternatively you can also use:

Smart-STB Official Tutorials:

If you're unable to setup your device, please read the smart-stb knowledge-base or contact the developer and explain your problem. Their contact email is

It's important to understand that Best IPTV provides the channels not the app and we are unable to remotely setup the IPTV device for you.

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