How do I get a Free IPTV Trial Account?

You can earn a Free IPTV Trial Account in 3 simple steps:

  1. Create a BestIPTV Account
  2. Confirm your email by clicking on the confirmation link received by email
  3. Request a Trial Account

    The new Trial details will be delivered to your email and also available on BestIPTV Dashboard under My Products & Services.

Free IPTV Trial Rules:

  1. Only 1 trial is allowed per user;
  2. Accounts used to re-stream will be banned;
  3. Only gmail, hotmail, live, icloud and yahoo email accounts can be used for trials;
  4. All Trials expire after 24 Hours;
  5. Your email address needs to be confirmed;
  6. Requests using VPN or Proxies will be ignored;
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