Bypass ISP IPTV censorship using a VPN

If you're located In Italy, Spain, UK, Singapore and probably some other countries, the chances of not being able to watch IPTV normally due to ISP censorship are high.
Please note that not all ISP's on these countries censor IPTV but, for example, Virgin and Telefónica censor IPTV traffic in the UK and Spain respectively. ISP's also don't block all IPTV providers, only major ones serving thousands of users, like Best IPTV.

# ISP IPTV censorship symptoms:

  • Channel doesn't play;
  • Random black screen;
  • Constant buffering due to bandwidth throttling;
  • Freeze frame or Looping;

# FIX:

The fastest way to bypass IPTV blockage is by using a VPN and you should definitively consider quitting your current ISP and switch to one that doesn't censor your internet traffic.
Using a VPN to watch IPTV makes ISP blocking impossible because they simply don't know what you're doing/watching. VPN's are also an effective measure to ensure your online privacy.
Needless to say, that Best IPTV welcomes, offers and fully support VPN usage.
If your IPTV device doesn't allow connecting using a VPN, you may have to consider investing on a cheap 4k Android TV Box (approx. 30 USD) which supports watching IPTV trough a VPN.

# Get a VPN Subscription now!

# Notes:

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